Why Max Brown Mobile Agent?

Operate your own independent real estate agency business, with the benefit of the Max Brown brand and network of other Max Brown Members.

Why Max Brown?

Are you happy with your current situation?

Max Brown Real Estate Group has been established in the Melbourne Real Estate industry since 1958. In that time, we have built an enviable reputation for high ethical standards, personal service, a team approach and our excellent results that allow us to perform in a superior level in the industry.

Max Brown Team members enjoy great support and are constantly challenged with a healthy competitive environment with our Core Values being the foundation for our success:

Positively united, enjoy, encourage, value each other
Building relationships through effective communication with past and present clients
Be responsible and accountable for your own actions. Become a market expert with factual data. Embrace personal career development and self-renewal
Honest, ethical, transparent and compliant
Adapt to modern technology and respond to change

We cover all areas of real estate which requires expertise in 3 key areas – Sales, Property Management and Administration. So if you are looking for a new start, a new career or to work in a supportive environment contact our Chief Executive Officer, Colin Judd on 0411 744 197 for a confidential discussion.

Why Mobile Agent?

Ready for the next step?

At Max Brown Real Estate Group we are constantly improving our offering to help enable sales people focus on what they do best, list and sell. A Max Brown Mobile Agent takes all the guess work out of running your own real estate business and enables you to grow with full support and little expense.

  • No monthly fees or desk cost
  • No up front fees
  • In fact no fees at all
  • No BAS or invoicing ( book-keeper not required )
  • Perfect for experienced Agents Representives or Fully Licensed Agents
  • NO restrictive listing rules
  • Full administration, trust accounting and marketing support
  • Sixty year old Melbourne based brand
  • Flexible work hours
  • Full and free access to CRM system, RP data, real estate portals
  • Free set up of personal profiling including Facebook and artwork
  • Ongoing training, compliance support
  • Access to all documents including authorities and contracts
  • REIV members

Find Out Your Earning Potential

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** Please note this calculator is only to be used as a guide. Traditional agent take home figures are calculated at 42%.


Current available opportunities.

Our Branding

Skilled and dedicated with a history of providing high quality real estate services to the community, the Max Brown brand continues to perform at a superior level in the industry.

Renowned for our distinctive branding since 1958, our team have worked long and hard to ensure our brand stands out from the rest.

Our ‘Magenta’ colour is one of our greatest distinguishing features. It is an essential part of our identity and heritage and represents our trusted brand, backed with a strong reputation which we continue to build based on trust and consistently high standards.

Our materials have been carefully designed to attract the most attention and deliver the best information at a glance.

Whilst we believe our branding and advertising is an industry leader- our marketing team is continually looking to expand on our current materials and extend our brand further.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Where experience matters.


Max Brown Real Estate Group are constantly focussed on improvement in everything we do. This includes the development and skills of our team, through 3 tiers of training;

Industry based education
The real estate industry is blessed with a dearth of Events and Seminars that cover all areas of real estate. We keep abreast of everything on offer and encourage all staff to attend such sessions.

Skilled private Industry trainers and coaches
There are qualified companies and individuals who offer their service to provide specialist training and coaching sessions to suit the needs of a Company. The Max Brown group are always fine tuning every component of their business and these specialist trainers assist us in this regard.

Internal training, meetings, workshops and mentoring
We have ongoing internal training on a weekly basis which includes podcasts, workshops, staff involvement and market feedback. We have our own qualified trainer along with senior members of the team who provide coaching and mentoring. We provide for collective group sessions and personalised one on one meetings.

What is it like to be a mobile agent?

'Working as a Mobile Agent with Max Brown has given me confidence to do my job because I work for an ethical and compliant company who care about their staff and clients wholeheartedly.

I have all the support I need along with the flexibility to work remotely in my desired area. We have regular training & ‘one on one’ meeting’s and phone calls, so being a Mobile Agent is a great opportunity to do your job and earn a great income.

Max Brown also have great marketing material & support and everything is affordable for myself & the clients due to the buyer power of the group.' - Kelley

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