Year of the Planet- March Challenge

Have you heard about the ‘Year Of The Planet’ initiative developed by the Good Empire?

Their mission is to “Gather and unite 1 million people around the world to make small changes in their lives each month to live more sustainably. Together we could save over a billion single-use plastic bags, bottles, cups, straws and containers destined for landfill and our beautiful oceans. That’s a big impact.”

So, how have you gone with the previous two challenges; no disposable coffee cups and bottles of drinking water? We found preparation is the key! Keeping a coffee cup in your bag or car and carrying a drink bottle with you made both challenges a lot easier. So, what next?

March is the third challenge which is ‘Say “No” to plastic straws, cutlery and takeaway containers’. Plastic straws are the 6th most cleaned-up plastic in our oceans. Over 150 billion are used in the US alone each year. Takeaway food containers and cutlery are fast becoming as big a problem.

So let’s make 2020 the Year of the Planet - the year we pledge to make one small change in our lives each month to live more sustainably. Together, the small changes we make can have a big impact.

It is easy to join by simply clicking HERE and join the thousands of people making small changes in their lives for that month to live more sustainably.

You will be updated with regular emails sharing tips, advice, news and most importantly, support with making each monthly change.

By Emma Jackson - 05-Mar-2020



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