Tips for making your home more eco-friendly

With the need to reduce our greenhouse emissions for the future of our planet, most of us have become more conscious of our carbon footprint and the impact we have on our environment. Our ‘carbon footprint’ measures the greenhouse gases that we are responsible for creating. Although greenhouse gases do occur naturally, human activity contributes a great deal to greenhouse gas emissions.

Whilst the idea of making a difference to our carbon footprint can seem beyond our capabilities there are small changes we can implement without making drastic changes to the way we live;

  • Install a Home Energy Monitor

A home energy monitor is a dashboard or monitor that is designed to track your homes total electricity use. The display can show your monthly, daily and hourly energy use and can assist in calculating and reducing your energy costs. Becoming aware of the amount of energy different appliances use, may encourage you to use alternatives such as putting washing on the line instead of using the dryer.

  • Compost bins

A compost bin can have many benefits for the environment and your garden. By composting food and yard waste you can help reduce land fill and emissions, and the amount of household rubbish you have. Further benefits are that composting produces nutrient dense soil and is a fertiliser for your garden, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers and the amount of watering your garden requires.

  • Green cleaning

Reducing the amount of chemicals used in your home can benefit both the environment and your health. Natural alternatives such as essential oils, fruits and ‘green’ cleaning products can decrease pollution in our waterways and minimise health problems and allergies associated with such products.

Implementing small changes into your home can have a lasting, positive impact on the environment and your way of life.

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By Emma Jackson - 31-Jan-2019



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