Should you invest in solar power for your home?

Solar power is a hot topic when it comes to owning a home, is now the time to invest? Here we discuss some common questions regarding solar power;

What is solar power?

As most of you would know, solar power is made by converting sunlight into electricity. Basically, to make electricity solar panels absorb light and use it in a way that creates electrical energy.

That energy is converted into the type of electricity we use in our homes. So as long as your panels produce enough energy, you can use them to power your electrical items at home instead of relying on traditional sources.

Can using solar save you money?

Once you have covered the install and setup costs, the sun shines for free, so the energy from your solar panels is free too. And for every bit you use, you’ll buy less energy from the grid. In most cases any solar energy you don’t use will go back into the grid and you may receive a credit on your bill for it. Waste not, want not.

Is solar power sustainable?

Solar power is renewable – it doesn’t use finite resources, so it’s a more sustainable way to power your home. Not to mention, the process of creating electricity in your solar panels doesn’t create any pollution.

Does having solar power add value to your home and lifestyle?

Solar power could be a great way to increase your property’s perceived value, as well as reduce your energy bill. If the cost of using electricity can be reduced by installing solar power, people may view your home favorably when on the market and compared to other properties.

The popularity of solar power continues to grow with more homes installing panels when compared to five years ago. In the first three months of 2019, an increase of 46% was recorded for the same period in the previous year. According to the consultancy Green Energy Markets, up to 21% of the Australian population now uses solar of some kind in their homes, whether it is just to assist with water heating, or a complete solar power unit that feeds excess power back into the grid.

Helpful Hints:

The savings made when using solar will depend on the location of the home and the power of the solar unit that is installed, as well as the cost of electricity in your area.
Since power is produced during daylight, using it during the day is most beneficial. For instance, take showers and do the laundry in daylight hours.

  • Use LED lights or bulbs that save energy in the evenings.
  • Use the air-conditioner to cool the house during the day and switch it off at night.
  • Make sure the pool pump is set to run during the day, not the night.
  • Replace old appliances such as refrigerators that tend to gobble up power.

Information courtesy of Momentum Energy & Green Energy Markets Statistics 

By Emma Jackson - 20-Feb-2020



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