Proactive, polite and honest

I want to thank you for the process involved over the past while. I have appreciated your proactivity in getting things done for me. When this commotion started with my tenant, you quickly kept me informed of nonpayments and with Wendy you took a course of action which has proven productive. You kept me updated at each turn until the eviction occurred. Sarah, I also appreciate the way you got on to advertise my property so quickly last weekend. This allowed you to get the new tenants. You also rearranged your time schedule so that a condition report was done on Thursday which meant the new tenants could move in on Friday. Add to this the organisation of getting My Connect to call me to arrange power for the week, taking updated photos of the unit and putting those on the web, being available on the phone to listen to me call you daily with questions or queries (I hope to stop now) and just being polite and honest with me. Thanks again so much to both you and Wendy for taking the time to achieve such a positive outcome.
Richard- Landlord