Our favourite indoor plants

As we know, trends and styles do a full circle before becoming popular again and there is no doubt, we have gone back to the 70’s with our love for indoor plants.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen their popularity grow and with good reason; they can assist with improving air quality, help boost your mood, reduce stress and add life to any room or area.

We are a big fan of indoor plants in both our homes and offices and have accumulated our top 5 plants to grow indoors. I happen to have all of these in my home and can assure you that with a little bit of love (place their care instructions under the pot so you don’t forget!) you will be able to enjoy them too!

Peace Lily 

I have a peace lily both at home and in my office and they are super easy to maintain. Their luscious leaves will start to drop, and you know its time for a good water (usually weekly in summer months, less in cooler months). The peace lily bloom lovely white flowers and is a real gem to have in the house.

Devil’s Ivy

This plant looks great hanging from a shelf, a hanging basket or winding along a beam. You can place cuttings in a vase of water to encourage root growth and once established plant them.

Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria)

A succulent type plant which looks great and is low maintenance. It loves bright light and some direct sunlight or can tolerate shade. This plant looks great in a solid colour pot to allow its pattern to really pop.

Zanzibar Gem

This plant literally has ‘thrives on neglect’ on its care instructions, making it the perfect plant for those who haven’t had much luck in the past! Native to Africa and drought resistant, its rich green leaves can survive a long period without watering.

Rubber Plant (Fiscus Elastica)

With gorgeous deep colours of green and burgundy, this plant can add a pop of colour to any room. It can be kept small in a pot or encouraged to grow into a large indoor tree.

Tip- If leaves and foliage gather dust, you can wipe the leaves or briefly place them outside when raining to remove the dust. 

Indoor plants make the perfect gift and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, many local florists and nurseries are adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, whilst having an array of plants available. 

By Emma Jackson - 30-Apr-2020



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