Is Winter a good time to sell?

Our team are often asked “is Winter a good time to sell?”

Whilst we always advise that the best time to sell is when you’re ready, we do believe Winter is a great time to sell, despite some thinking otherwise! Your garden may not look as pretty as it will in the coming months and the weather may not be ideal, however here is why we think you shouldn’t wait to hit the market:

Lower stock levels= less competition

Traditionally we see a lower stock levels during Winter, which can mean less competing properties for your home. With less on the market, this may mean more buyers and competition for your property. Lower stock levels can often be an ideal time to sell compared to peak periods such as Spring. This is a win win for you!

Buyers don’t stop looking in Winter

Buyers are not seasonal and will still be looking to purchase during Winter. There is still high demand for property during Winter. With less social events and activities during the cooler months, buyers often have time to get their financials in order and begin their search while they have the time to do so!

Presenting your home

Is there anything better than walking into a warm house on a cold winters day? Winter is the perfect opportunity to present your home at its best- having the fire or heating going, warm and inviting throws on the couch and winter décor backed by ambient lighting can help buyers create an instant connection when they enter your home.

Be in your new home before the silly season

We all know how busy the end of year can get! With a winter sale, settlement will usually fall before end of year activities start to ramp up. This gives you plenty of time to pack and move before the silly season begins!

Our team will be happy to guide you through the process no matter what the season! For a free, no obligation appraisal of your home, please visit

By Emma Jackson - 29-Jun-2021



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