Helping your children prepare to move house

A lot of factors can impact your children’s reaction to moving to a new house. Their age and complexity of the move are some key factors. For some they take it all within their stride and enjoy the change and for others it can create a sense of loss and confusion. Below are some tips on how to make your move a smooth transition for the whole family:


Preparation can be the key to helping your kids feel comfortable about moving house. Prior to the move explain that some things will be different, however the important things such as possessions and people will remain the same. If moving areas, spend a day in your new suburb exploring points of interest such as schools, parks and shops so your children can envisage what is ahead. If leaving loved ones behind begin Skype/Face time conversations before moving and continue this routine. Depending on their age, there are a range of books can that can help explain the moving process.

Routine is important

Whilst the initial move can be a busy time, it is important to maintain a similar routine such as meal times, bed time and other commitments. It is recommended to use the same bedding for your children, so their sleeping routine is not interrupted. By keeping the kids in a familiar routine it can help minimise the impact of the change.

Decentralised decision making

Where possible allow your kids to get involved in decision making. They could help decide on the furniture layout of their new room, updated paint colours or new sporting club. This gives them a sense of control and comfort.

The grieving process

Moving house can have a similar impact as the loss of a loved one. Expect your children to go through the stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance. Whilst at times you may feel like throwing a tantrum yourself, you can show them how to deal with emotions constructively. A positive attitude will give them confidence that all will be ok.


Get to know your neighbours and those in the street you and the kids can socialise with. If moving areas joining sporting clubs and local groups will assist in making new friendships. Do some research prior to see what hobbies and sports are popular in the area.

Ensuring all family members are prepared for the move can make the transition and settling in a smoother process.

By Emma Jackson - 25-Jul-2019



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